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Kitchen Equipment in San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose

If your restaurant or hotel kitchen is in need of kitchen repair and maintenance, Freight Train Refrigeration Inc. is the name to know.

Our company has been a leader in the commercial HVAC industry for many years. We proudly operate in San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose.

Freight Train Refrigeration Inc.’s well-qualified specialists use the best available equipment to effectively repair a wide range of kitchen appliances. We work with both speed and precision to ensure that your appliances return to functioning fully, safely, and reliably.

Best of all, we provide affordable rates and free estimates for our kitchen equipment services.

Give your commercial kitchen the best service available—call Freight Train Refrigeration Inc. today!

Fast, Reliable Kitchen Equipment Repair and Maintenance

At Freight Train Refrigeration Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your commercial kitchen in good working order.

Appliances within commercial kitchens are significant financial investments for a business. They also see heavy, frequent regular use within kitchens.

When it comes to servicing, appliances must be repaired in a timely way, so that they aren’t out of service for long. However, quality absolutely cannot be compromised for speed. You rely on your kitchen appliances everyday to safely prepare countless delicious meals for your guests to enjoy.

If you suspect that your kitchen appliances may be in need of repair, contact Freight Train Refrigeration Inc. immediately to schedule your servicing appointment.

Signs Your Kitchen Equipment Needs Repairs

If you have recently purchased a restaurant or another location with a commercial kitchen, it may be more difficult to assess the age and condition of your equipment.

Lifespan of kitchen equipment is highly variable—some appliances last for decades, while others run into trouble after only several years.

However, you’ll be able to tell when your kitchen features are not operating at optimal levels.

Outdated, inefficient appliances will result in skyrocketing energy costs, which will be much more than those of modern, efficient appliances.

Performance is another surefire way to measure whether servicing may be needed. As a chef or business owner, you can sense when your kitchen equipment simply isn’t working like it used to be. For instance, the door gaskets on a commercial refrigerator may no longer be providing an adequate seal, affecting the temperatures. Similarly, a griddle in need of repair will not achieve or maintain ideal cooking temperatures.

Along with these appliances, watch the commercial dishwasher or warewasher. Leaks from the tank or boosters may be a sign of welding failures. Watch also for poor control function or unsuccessful performance, seen in unclean dishes.

Ice makers also have problems as they age, generally with the evaporators. Freight Train Refrigeration Inc. has the skills and products to repair these systems as well.

The ventilation system is an extremely important part of any commercial kitchen. Grease buildup can seriously compromise a kitchen ventilation system, hindering or fully blocking the venting process.

As an HVAC specialist, Freight Train Refrigeration Inc. can fully repair your ventilation system.

San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose Kitchen Equipment Repair

Freight Train Refrigeration Inc. has the tools, methods, and experience to take care of any kitchen equipment repair you may need.

We proudly serve the entire area of San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose.

Contact us today—we’d be glad to provide you with a free estimate for our services to your commercial kitchen!

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